LCT Championship

The Lights, Camera, Traction! Championship is presented by Gordon Motorsports, and is hosted exclusively at the Auburndale Speedway.  Drivers under 22 years of age compete in regularly scheduled Saturday evening races.  Successful  young drivers will quickly learn real world life skills, from creating cost effective marketing options for sponsors, operating within a budget, to mechanics, sportsmanship and physical / mental conditioning.

Drivers as young as 8 compete in fully suspended stockcars that include all the safety features of a NASCAR style racecar.

Drivers over 21 can apply to be a LCT Race Mentor, through our mentorship program.  Our mentors include veteran racers, as well as adult novices, who help with everything from mechanics to media, and then they go racing, demonstrating leadership and sportsmanship to our future stars of racing


2019 LCT Champion Maria Martins
The Martins are a true racing family. Maria’s brother Wilson was a close second in the 2019 LCT Championship.

Congratulations to Maria Martins

2019 Lights, Camera, Traction! Champion

In only her second year of LCT MiniCup racing, Maria tied her prior Kart racing experience, and her teams exceptional preparation together, to win her first LCT Championship.

A special thanks to the Auburndale Speedway, Gordon Motorsports and all the LCT mentors for all they do to support the LCT Championship.

Past LCT Champions

LCT Championship Rules