Along with our awesome business partners, Lights, Camera, Traction! mentors complete our team. We are proud to have a diverse team of mentors who passionately offer their expertise to support the LCT effort. With backgrounds from the military and education, to digital cinema and motorsports, our mentor’s bring a wellspring of talent to Lights, Camera, Traction!  Meet Our Mentors



There’s a lot more to racing than what goes on trackside. That’s why the Lights, Camera, Traction! Mentorship program is looking for vetted volunteers that can share their unique skills in one of the many disciplines that are part of racing today. Sure, mechanics and machinists who can share hands-on experience are welcome. But so are PR practitioners, business people, audio and video experts and others with a desire to help nurture the next generation of racers. Call LCT today to learn more about this exciting program for young people.

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