Past Champions

2019 LCT Champion Maria Martins
The Martins are a true racing family. Maria’s brother Wilson was a close second in the 2019 LCT Championship.

Congratulations to Maria Martins

2019 Lights, Camera, Traction! Champion

In only her second year of LCT MiniCup racing, Maria tied her prior Kart racing experienc

Congratulations to Douglas Herrin Jr

2018 Lights, Camera, Traction! Champion

Like all LCT drivers, Douglas is involved with all aspects of racecar preparation and repair; both in the shop and trackside.
2018 LCT Champion, Douglas Herrin Jr.

Defending a championship is often more difficult than winning the first. That was the case for Douglas Herrin Jr., as the LCT field has grown in both numbers and talent. But in true style, Douglas studied, practiced and prepared as all true champions do. A special thanks to the Auburndale Speedway, Gordon Motorsports and all the LCT mentors for all they do to support the LCT Championship

Congratulations to Douglas Herrin Jr 2017 Lights, Camera, Traction! Champion

In only his second full season of LCT racing, Douglas has proven to possess all the qualities of a true champion.  Not only has he quickly learned to manage driving  a racecar at a championship level, but he has also developed respectable media presence, while performing as a field reporter for multiple LCT television shows.

Congratulations to Clayton Samuels

2016 Lights, Camera, Traction! Champion

In true championship style, Clayton successfully defended his 2015 LCT title. Brian Samuels is Clayton’s father, coach and crew chief.  In addition to always showing up with a racecar that is prepared to win, team Samuels is also committed to a very stringent cross-fit physical conditioning regimen.

Clayton Samuels successfully defends his LCT Championship title.

Congratulations to Clayton Samuels 

2015 Lights, Camera, Traction! Champion

Hard work and experience pays off for Clayton Samuels, as he and his dad win the first ever LCT Championship. Countless hours in the shop, as well as the gym paid off, and they’ll forever be; Champions!